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Mr. Li Jianjun,  Associate Chief Physician,M.M  
Mr. Li Jianjun, Associate Chief Physician,M.M
M.M., Associate Chief Physician, Assistant Director of Research Lab of Muscular ...[Detailed]
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Peripheral neuropath¡­
First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness ...
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MR.Hu Junyong Deputy Chief Physician Master of Medicine
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Hebei Medical University Affiliated with myasthenia gravis, director and deputy director of the Division of muscle atrophy Ridge Hospital, Hebei Province Association of Integrative Medicine elderly branch members, Hebei TCM Standing Professional Committee of paralysis disease, Hebei Province "Triple Talent Project" on three-level candidates, Shijiazhuang west zone tube top-notch talent. Won the provincial and municipal science and technology award five, three books, published more than 20 papers.

Expertise: good Integrative treatment of myasthenia gravis, myasthenic crisis, diagnosis and treatment of muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, mitochondrial diseases hyperthyroid disease, periodic paralysis, muscle weakness syndrome and other diseases.


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