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Mr. Li Jianjun,  Associate Chief Physician,M.M  
Mr. Li Jianjun, Associate Chief Physician,M.M
M.M., Associate Chief Physician, Assistant Director of Research Lab of Muscular ...[Detailed]
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First, have a child with, put it in a can relieve stiffness ...
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Moxibustion at Huatuo Jiaji(2016-3-9)
  Arrange the prepared TCM cakes along the governing meridian from cervical verteb...[Detailed]
Iontophoresis of TCM therapy(2016-3-9)
  Place at lumbosacral portion and gastrocnemius two pairs of electrode plates whi...[Detailed]
Ointment Cup Moving Therapy(2016-3-9)
  Apply the multi-grassy oil to the selected meridians, and practice cup moving fo...[Detailed]
Sacral hiatus therapy(2016-3-9)
  Inject certain medicine to sacral hiatus, twice a week and ten times make a trea...[Detailed]
Non-fuming Moxibustion(2016-3-9)
  It selects treatment position by the eight extra meridians, combined with the co...[Detailed]
Wax Therapy(2016-3-9)
  Heat wax until it becomes liquid, and apply it to the diseasedportion.And it'...[Detailed]
Multi-target, multi-channel, strengthening the fou(2014-8-20)
  National TCM specialist focus --- Yiling Hospital of Hebei Medical University Af...[Detailed]
"Six therapy" treatment of Parkinson'(2014-8-20)
  Parkinson's disease, also known as paralysis agitans, is a common neurodegen...[Detailed]
Chinese medicine iontophoresis therapy(2014-8-1)
  The therapy is also called electrophoretic therapy, is the use of the pulse so t...[Detailed]
Acupuncture treatment(2014-8-1)
  The therapy department for bulbar palsy genuine nature, aimed at improving clini...[Detailed]
Brief Introduction to Advanced Computerized Interm(2014-8-1)
  Since 1990s, computerized intermediate frequency therapeutic device conquers the...[Detailed]
Dao Ping Electronic Conduct Therapy(2014-8-1)
  Dao Ping Electronic conduct therapy is a new remedy based on the integration of ...[Detailed]
Cup Moving Therapy(2014-8-1)
  This therapy, improved on the basis of traditional cupping therapy by the Treatm...[Detailed]
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